platform for your
small business.

With WorkUp, your business will supercharge into simplicity and clarity. Organising your finances automatically, giving you peace of mind to enhance business success.


Connect | Retrieve | Automate.

Everything you need to automate your finances.

Link | Open Accounts

Link your existing transaction account or open a WorkUp account for receiving income and making payments.


Business Cards

Issue virtual or physical debit cards linked to your accounts for controlled employee spending.



Create auto-pay or transfer rules for business finances.



Retrieve your live financial data from Xero, enabling you to automate tax debts or profits.

A financial marketplace, for maximum

Plug-and-play products for building your desired platform.


Auto tax

Set it and forget it—your taxes and employee superannuation will be organised automatically.


Bill Pay

Send or upload bills directly to WorkUp for AI bill pay extraction and approval in seconds.



Drag, drop, and instantly build custom AI reports without needing to consult your accounting professional.



The simplest and quickest invoicing on the planet. Type your clients info into our AI system, and we will produce an invoice for you in seconds.

Empowering you to organise your finances,

As a business owner, your ability to control and organise your money is crucial for your success. WorkUp handles all the important but often forgotten, time-consuming tasks, so you can get back to building a more successful business.

  • airwallex
  • Basiq
  • Visa
  • Xero

Work smarter, while super-powering your

Products and features to super-power your business.

Linked Bank Accounts

Link all your existing bank accounts so that your business finances can be organised automatically.

Coming Soon

Auto Reconcile

Using smart AI technology to retrieve your receipt data, we can auto-reconcile your transactions.


Control Spend with Budgets

Set budgets and allocate spending limits to empower you or your employees to spend wisely.


Create Auto Rules

Automation is WorkUps superpower. You can create auto rules based on your business financials, simplifying your operations and giving you peace of mind that you're on the right track.


Open Business Accounts

Open different business accounts to automate your GST, income tax or employee superannuation.


Integrate and Retrieve

Integrate with your accounting software to retrieve live financial data, providing instant clarity on your financial position.


Plugin Marketplace

At WorkUp, we're built differently from most. Our products are designed to be plug-and-play, so you're not dealing with an 'All-In-One' clunky platform with products you pay for but don't use.


Automate your existing business banking

WorkUp supports connections to all Australian banking institutions, allowing you to link your existing business accounts. This enables you to manage your finances effortlessly and automatically.

  • Commonwealth
  • Westpac
  • Macquarie
  • Regional Bank
  • ANZ

Our mission is to solve real problems
for SMEs.

WorkUp solves real 'pain-in-the-ass' problems that make business success difficult to achieve.

Forgotten Taxes

Fully integrated and automated tax solution, ensuring you are always aware of what is truly yours.

Time Savings

Automation significantly reduces the time needed to complete tasks, so you are not required to do the hard work.

Manual Tasks

Gone are the days of manually inputting or retrieving financial data.


Deep integration with Xero enables the retrieval of live data, allowing you to understand your business with clarity.

Spend Control

Issue cards with budgets, making it easy for your employees to do the right thing.

Outdated Banking

Lacking innovation and care for their customers success, our mission is to empower owners to grow beyond limits.


The key to success is making sure your finances are well organised. With WorkUp, you can achieve that automatically.

Financial Mismanagement

Unintentionally overspending or misallocating funds is a thing of the past.

High Cost

WorkUp handles tasks that would otherwise require human labour, eliminating wasted cost.

Receive funds and pay vendors with automated payment solutions.

Enhance efficiency and security in all your transactions by seamlessly utilising various payment methods, including bank transfer, BPAY, PayTo, and PayID. Experience unmatched speed and safety as you supercharge your payment processes.

Save time and money, while
simplifying your business finances.

Super-powered Automation.

500+ hrs saved yearly.

Reclaim valuable time to focus on what matters most to you.

Simplicity & Clarity.

Set and forget.

WorkUp works smarter for you, keeping things simple.

Empower Your Success.

Grow beyond limits.

WorkUp provides you with the best opportunity to build a successful business.

Pricing plans.

Once approved, try for 7 days, then add your payment details.

Starter Plan


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Available Features
tick-imgLinked Business Accounts
tick-imgOpen Business Accounts
tick-imgCards + Budgets
tick-imgAuto Rules
tick-imgAuto Taxes
tick-imgPlugin Marketplace

Business Plan



Available Features
tick-imgLinked Business Accounts
tick-imgOpen Business Accounts
tick-imgCards + Budgets
tick-imgAuto Rules
tick-imgAuto Taxes
tick-imgPlugin Marketplace

Empower Plan



Available Features
tick-imgLinked Business Accounts
tick-imgOpen Business Accounts
tick-imgCards + Budgets
tick-imgAuto Rules
tick-imgAuto Taxes
tick-imgPlugin Marketplace

We're not a bank, we're better.

At WorkUp, we believe in you and your business. That's why, we have innovated a solution,
to keep your finances organised so you can focus on what you do best.

Customer Stories.

Invaluable feedback from our beta testers.


La Tabella

"Operating a restaurant involves many daily challenges, especially when it comes to managing taxes and superannuation. But with WorkUp integrated with Xero, setting up auto-rules on my existing accounts simplifies everything, organising it all automatically."

- Brittany Panapa (Director)

ArcPro Welding Services

"WorkUp has completely changed the game for us. We can seamlessly link our business bank accounts, connect and retrieve live Xero data, and set automation rules. This means we can easily track our business performance and have our finances automatically sorted into different tax accounts. No more surprises come tax time – just clarity and the freedom to focus on building our business with confidence."

- Cory And Chantal (Directors)